Hero Kids at the Osterville Library

“… You manage to battle your way through the pirates,” the Storyteller describes, “which now leaves the way clear for you all to reach the ship’s aftcastle. The rain has stopped, but the deck is still slick with rain and sea water, and there are loud rumbles above you from the remaining thunderstorm. Other than this, and the crash of waves against the huge Brigantine ship, all is quiet…”

“I don’t like where this is going…” Sam, the Healer, quietly says

The Storyteller smiles. “Suddenly there’s a crack of lightning in front of you, revealing the silhouette of an imposing figure at the helm. He stands at twice your height, with a tall plume sticking out of a ragged bicorn hat. A well-worn coat adorned with gold buttons and chains hides most of his figure, reaching all the way down to his cracked leather boots. But these aren’t the first thing you notice. That would go to his scowl, with eyes burning with anger and teeth either yellowed or simply missing.

“‘Well then,’ the captain growls, ‘I see some bilge rats managed to escape. That goes to show how useless my crew can be…’”

“Hey,” Jesse the Ranger pipes up, talking to the Storyteller. “How far away am I from him?”

The Storyteller thinks about it for a moment. “…About 40 feet away?”

“Okay. Can I move forward a little bit and try to attack while he’s talking?”

“Sure thing, just roll your dice and let me know what you get.”

Jesse grabs two dice and rolls them. With a scowl, she says “A one and a two…”

“Ouch…” the Storyteller winces. “Alright… So you move a few steps forward, and nock an arrow. You pull back, aim for a moment while the pirate captain says something to the others, and release. The arrow whizzes through the air, and strikes the captain dead center of his chest. So true was your aim, in fact, that it bounces off of one of his buttons, the one that is keeping the heavy coat on his shoulders. Both the button and the arrow go flying off in different directions, and the coat slumps down onto the wet wood behind him.”

“Hey!” Malcolm the Knight sneers, talking to the Captain, “You dropped something!” The adventurers all share a laugh.

The storyteller continues, “The pirate captain, who was in the middle of saying something about throwing you to the sharks, stops mid-word to see the coat slip off of his shoulders. ‘On second thought…’ the captain rumbled, ‘I think I’ll just do the deed myself.’ As he says this, he unsheathes a large curved cutlass with a cold metal shriek.”

“Oh yeah?” Sam pipes up. “Well… I hope you can swim! Because you’re gonna go overboard and we’ll take the boat back home ourselves!”

“The captain roars ‘To arms, men!’, and seemingly out from the shadows around you appear four crewmembers, two armed with crossbows and two with rusty shortswords. It looks like talking isn’t going to work for this situation, so you’ll have to defend yourselves!”

… Curious to hear what happened next? This is one of the many adventures that can be had when you play Hero Kids at the Osterville Village Library!

Hero Kids is a tabletop RPG aimed for ages 6 to 10 (anyone can play, though!) that focuses on action, strategy, puzzle-solving, and role-playing, with need for a strong imagination. Tabletop RPGs, or Role-Playing Games, are a way of having a game that takes place mainly in the imagination of the players. In a way, it’s an elaborate form of storytelling. One person, acting as the Storyteller, will narrate the setting and the situation the adventurers find themselves in. The players in turn describe what their characters plan to do to get around the problem. It doesn’t work for them every time, though; players will need to roll dice to see if they succeed with their plans. High numbers mean it worked! Low numbers mean it didn’t. And from there, the adventure twists and turns so that no two games are alike.

Confused as to how it works? Most of the time, RPGs can take time to learn how to play. Hero Kids differs from most; it takes about 15 minutes to learn how to play fully, and can cause hours of fun! And the best part about it? All you need are some regular 6-sided dice, a pencil, and some paper, along with the materials provided with the game book (all of which we have, so all YOU need to bring is yourself!). No electronics or over-the-top setups are needed, as long as you can bring your imagination to the table too!

The Osterville Village Library has many different adventures to choose from, and there are many times throughout the year where games are open to play for those who want to sign up (because of the nature of the game, there’s a limit of 5 players at a time, so sign up early!). Games can, on special request, be scheduled privately as well (talk to Ethan or leave your information at the circulation desk if you’re interested). We hope to see all you young wizards, knights, and healers soon!


~ staff member Ethan

April Vacation Roundup at the Osterville Library

Wow–we had quite the week in the OVL Children’s Room during April Vacation! Because school vacations are typically some of our busiest times, we like to plan ahead all types of programs and activities that kids can take part in to stay busy and entertained. Read below to find out what some of our younger patrons did during their time off from school.

4/17-Book Tasting: On Tuesday, we tested out our first Book Tasting. During this restaurant-themed event, patrons selected titles from a provided “menu” to taste. If they liked what they read, they could then check it out at our circulation desk to fully enjoy. As a bonus, Amie Bakery kindly donated cupcakes to snack on while reading!

4/18-Makers’ Club: Every half-day or school break, we host our Makers’ Club. This group focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities and crafts. Since we began the club, participants have explored architecture, electricity and coding. Kids always have fun learning how they can turn their creative and scientific ideas into a reality!

4/19-American Girl Doll Tea Party: Because our Tea Party over February Vacation was so popular, we decided to do another for April! The kids brought their favorite dolls, ate yummy treats and made matching necklaces and bracelets for them and their doll. The families loved watching the kids make new friends and talk about their dolls! Stay tuned for the announcement of our next American Girl Tea Party.

4/22-Earth Day: Kids had a lot of fun learning about the environment on Earth Day! They took part in a sorting activity that focused on the differences between trash, recycling and compost. Then, the kids went around the room with a scavenger hunt to look for books that teach readers about climate change, plants and gardening, and endangered animals. The last part of the hunt was to put their painted handprint on our community art project, an Earth Day sign!

From the Children’s Room: What do you Mean, this Book has no Words?

What good is a book without words? If you are, like me, a fan of wordless picture books, you would say that many books without words are marvelous indeed. These include old classics like Anno’s Journey (Mitsumasa Anno)…new takes on old tales like The Lion and the Mouse (Jerry Pinkney) … and recent stories that transport the reader to new places, like The Red Book (Barbara Lehman).

And then there is the considerable body of work of David Wiesner, a three-time Caldecott award-winning author/illustrator worthy of being near if not at the top of many people’s ‘best of’ lists. From Free Fall to Flotsam to the unforgettable flying frogs in the book Tuesday, Weisner’s… artistry and imagination no know limits.

You can see Wiesner’s influence in another set of my favorite picture books, Journey, Quest and Return, by Aaron Becker. Even without the words, or perhaps because of the lack of them, I can ‘read’ wordless children’s books over and over, and still have the pictures tell me an ever-deepening story.

Let your child discover the magic of wordless picture books; let them discover their own  stories in the pictures. To find out more, check out this GoodReads list, or visit us!  Browse our collection, request books from other CLAMS libraries, and try our David Wiesner’s innovative picture book app, called Spot, on our Makerspace iPad.     



Well, Osterville Village Library can help with the answers because OVL has these series for you to take out! Multiple seasons of many of your favorite series are available at OVL . In addition to the ones mentioned here there are many m ore current and past TV and Cable series available at the library for you to enjoy.

And if you are hungry for more plot twists, story lines and action many of these series are adapted from books which are available through our library. Books are able to go into a lot more detail and background than film.  Allowing you to explore in greater depth and detail the goings-on’s of your favorite characters. As an example, “Poldark” is based on the historical fiction books by the author
Winston Graham who wrote 12 books in the series beginning with the first “Ross Poldark.” “Game of Thrones” is based on the epic/fantasy books written by George R.R. Martin whose first book in the so-far 5 book series is entitled “Game of Thrones”. He is currently writing the 6th book in the series, “The Winds of Winter”. “Outlander” is adapted from the 9-book series written by Diana Gabaldon There are 9 books in this series variously described as historical sci-fi, romance, mystery and adventure. WOW!

You can go online and request any of these titles at clams.org or If you have questions regarding any of these DVD’s or books please stop by or call the Circulation Desk and someone will be glad to help you!


Staff Member,


The Children’s Room says Hello

Welcome to the Osterville Village Library (OVL) Blog from Jan and Tory! Over in the Children’s Room, we are so excited to reach out to you, and all our patrons, in such a fun, new and creative way. This blog will be a great spot for us to share all our news and recommendations regarding the Children’s Room.

But, before we get into more detail of what you can expect to read from us, this blog is designed specifically for you. We aim to create a space where you can learn more about both your community and the world of Children’s Literature. We will share all upcoming programs, accounts of how our events went, and any sweet (or not so sweet!) moments that happen on a typical day. Also, we will recommend some of our favorite books, apps and movies–including why we think they are worthy of your time.

Most importantly, we look forward to connecting and sharing with you while on this blog.

If you find that there is something we are lacking in our posts, or have any questions about what we write about, please let us know!  Leave a comment on a post, send us a message through the “Contact Me” tab, or stop by the Children’s Room to chat. Your feedback will help us make this blog something you enjoy reading.


American Girl Doll Tea Party

Our February Tea party was quite the success! Many children remember growing up with American Girl Dolls and their historical adventures in novels written about each girl. Osterville loves bringing together multi-generational families and what better way then with these amazing girls? It was endearing to see grandmothers show their granddaughters their own doll from more than 40 years ago, just as it was to have the children get to know new friends who share their passion for these dolls. One girl brought in the newest doll, Luciana, who is the first American Girl Doll to be not of a past historic time period but of the future who wants to train to be the first women on Mars! Because this event was so popular we are hosting another during April vacation week. So do you enjoy American Girl Stories or even have your own doll? Make sure you register in time for our upcoming program on Thursday, April 19th from 2-3pm. Ages 5-12 and space is limited!


Welcome to our Blog

We are so excited to begin our blog. You will hear from many of our talented OVL team members. A wide range of topics will be covered from news, what’s going on at the library, new books and reviews, events and more. So please check back and hope you will enjoy!